Photos of Holy Land U.S.A. in Waterbury, CT found here

The first photo is of the 50 ft cross, standing at the very top of Pine Hill in Waterbury, CT, you can see it from I-84 and it marks the very spot of where the religious theme park, Holy Land U.S.A. use to be. 

Back when this park was in full operation, it brought about 40,000 visitors per year. After receiving a message from his God in the 1950’s, attorney John Greco created the park as a homage to the Holy Land in Israel where he created miniature towns of Bethlehem and Jerusalem. By the time he was done, he had created over 200 unique structures in his park. Unfortunately, Holy Land U.S.A. closed in 1984 and the park is now closed to the public. Yet, the curious, and the vandals still make their journey out to the park. Most of the park is in ruins or either slowly crumbling, and looks nothing like it did in the 50’s. 

Me and my friend tried to knock on the nun’s door (who now own the property) but no one was home at the time, so we just walked around for a little bit to take pictures. The park is very creepy and has almost a post-apocolytic feel to it with everything being demolished and in ruins. Seeing the cross at the top of the hill is quite a site to see, with an absolutely beautiful view of Waterbury down below.

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